Fraín the Wanderer

Homecoming can be a chore


Relatively thin and tall for a dwarf, with his choice of clothes and preference for a short sword over an axe or more common Dwarvish weapon, if clean-shaven Fraín is often mistaken for a youthful human, a young squire or footman or the like. He hates it when people mispronounce his name.


Based in Tharbad. Fraín is two generations removed from his family clan in Khazad-dum. Many years ago, his clan of prosperous merchants was thwarted in its political aims by a conspiracy led by another clan of dwarves, and rather than remain living in disgrace in the fortress, his grandfather took to the surface. From a young age Fraín had to learn how to survive in unfamiliar environments, while being brought up to carry on the family tradition of brewing and selling ale. With the passing of his mother and father some years ago, to the best of his knowledge he, as a lone child, is the last survivor of his clan.

Travelling widely to market the families products brewed in Tharbad, Fraín learned many lessons in life, and was often left desperately trying to scrape together enough coin to survive, and feed his growing addiction for cards and other games of chance. Yet he has stubbornly never given up the family’s eventual aim of reestablishing themselves to their rightful place among the elite in Khazad-dum and exacting revenge against the clan who betrayed them.

To this end, [REDACTED]

Fraín’s gambling addiction [REDACTED]

All Fraín has connecting him to family inside the city of Khazad-dum is [REDACTED]

Fraín the Wanderer

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